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Sharing experiences and knowledge. Being inspired by fellow communication professionals all over Europe. Getting and giving ideas, which can be used for your clients or to improve your own business. Having reliable partners you can count on! Partners offering you and your clients eyes and ears all over Europe. These are the main advantages of membership of CommWorld, an active and dynamic network of communication agencies all over Europe.


Having reliable partners all over Europe.
That is the main advantage of CommWorld membership. It is a rule within CommWorld that members react within 48 hours to any request by a member agency. The reaction might be the answer to a question, or a promise when you can expect an answer. For your clients and prospects you have eyes and ears all over Europe.

Sharing experience and knowledge is also a big advantage of CommWorld. Not only during the meetings, but also during the rest of the time.

Another possibility is to have an exchange program with one of your CommWorld partners. This gives you the opportunity to offer your employees a great experience in another country.

CommWorld makes it possible for you to handle international clients.

Membership application procedure for CommWorld

(1) The candidate agency sends the new member questionnaire (link to download) to the CommWorld board member responsible for recruitment and – if applicable – to the member who made the first contact with the candidate.

(2) The candidate member will be invited to attend the next meeting to give a presentation of the agency and to meet the other members.

(3)The new member questionnaire will first be judged by the board of CommWorld.

(4) If there are no objections against the candidate membership, the questionnaire will be sent to all members for approval.

(5) If there are still no objections, the candidate agency will receive from the Director General of CommWorld- an invoice for one year membership.- the code of ethics (to be signed by the new member and to be returned to the DG)- the statues

(6) After payment of the invoice the candidate member is treated like a normal member. Among other things, that means the candidate will get the password for the internal part of our website. The candidate will not have the right to vote on CommWorld issues, until there is final approval on membership.

(7) After payment of the invoice one of the board members will make an appointment for a visit to the office of the candidate member.

(8) If the visit to the office of the candidate has taken place before the next meeting, there will be a final vote at the meeting to approve membership.

(9) If the visit to the office of the candidate takes place after the meeting, where the candidate has presented the agency, the final vote to approve membership will take place by email.

(10) If the members vote against the candidate membership, CommWorld will return the membership fee already paid.

(11) If the candidate agency decides after their first meeting not to become member of CommWorld, CommWorld will return the membership fee minus any travel costs incurred to visit the agency.

Conditions and costs

Members of CommWorld should meet the following criteria: Full service (including strategy, concept and the various communication means) Independent Owners active in the business Medium sized (in the context of their home country) Being able to communicate in English Financially stable (you will be asked to provide CommWorld administration with your figures for turnover, gross income and profit. (These figures will be treated confidentially) Attending at least at one meeting per year Reacting within 48 hours to a request or question of a partner. This is an important rule, because it guarantees you will get the same level of service you are used to giving your client.


The annual subscription for members has been set at € 3,584. New members joining during the year (after January) pay the full year subscription, which will be offset in their second year of membership.


Unlike many other “so-called” networks, CommWorld members meet on a planned and regular basis, currently twice a year in Spring and Autumn. By meeting regularly, members not only build friendship, but also trust and mutual respect between them. Meetings are held at different locations and are hosted by one of the member agencies.

Major benefits of belonging to an international agency network at a price every agency can afford: less than 3,600 Euros per year

Benefits to your agency:

− A custom-built international network, available “on demand.”
– in new business pitches and with existing clients.

This means:

− You don’t lose pitches, because you can’t offer clients or prospects a network
− You don’t lose clients, because you can’t help them in other countries
− You’ll get a pro-active opportunity to expand your services and develop new income streams, through managing international assignments
− You’ll be able to target new business prospects, who only consider international agencies

Services we provide, for the annual fee:

(1) An accreditation guarantee by CommWorld, of the quality and professionalism of your agency. We only accredit agencies we know personally.

(2) A ‘credentials pack’ inciuding logos, PowerPoint templates, and presentation materials for you to include in your credentials as and when you wish.

(3) Access to experience in international pitches and handling international accounts, based on many years of our combined experience.

(4) Assistance on request, form appropriate and well-qualified partner agencies in 16 European countries.

(5) Management workshops and training seminars at meetings every half year led by experts in their fields.

(6) Exchange programs, where agencies exchange creative or account people with a CommWorld agency in another country. A terrific mind-broadening and motivational experience, for all concerned.

(7) Fast response to market information requests: if we have the information, we will share it with you; if it needs to be bought, we will tell you where, how and at what cost.

(8) Guaranteed response, the same – or next – working day, to any request.

(9) Additional agency exposure via the CommWorld website.

(10) An opportunity to win CommWorld Creative Awards in competition with your fellow CommWorld members, including for campaigns rejected by clients.