Global Advertising Expenditure is growing

According to ”The Global Trends Report” from research company Warc, global advertising expenditure has risen almost 42% over the last decade. Ten years ago global advertising expenditure amounted to 362 billion US dollars, but in 2013 expenditure had risen to a total of 513 billion US dollars.

According to this survey television advertising is still No 1 with a total of  40.8% of global expenditure. a growth of 56% since 2004.   However, compared to digital communications this growth is peanuts. In this sector growth over the last decade is an impressive 675% and today digital communications amounts to 24% of  total advertising expenditure. During last year alone a total of 120 billion US dollars was spent in this sector.

Not surprisingly, daily newspapers and magazines were the big losers. Since 2004 a total of 41.1 billion US dollars of expenditure has disappeared from the press and printed media sector.

According to the survey global expenditure continues to grow predicting a 5.3% increase in 2015 and a further increase to 5.9% in 2016.

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