Global Advertising Expenditure is growing

According to ”The Global Trends Report” from research company Warc, global advertising expenditure has risen almost 42% over the last decade. Ten years ago global advertising expenditure amounted to 362 billion US dollars, but in 2013 expenditure had risen to a total of 513 billion US dollars. According to this survey television advertising is still

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”… and the winner is: OUR CLIENTS!”

CommWorld Creative Challenge – C3 – is held at each CommWorld meeting The primary purpose of the CommWorld Creative Challenge is to present the creative work ajudged best within our network. Each CommWorld agency send in their entries for varrious categories. For 10 years now the entries have always shown captivating and pulsating creativity and

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Comm-World 2014 Autumn Conference takes place in Stockholm 24 – 26 September The conference will focus on the essential core challenge of how to enhance and improve business opportunities by creativity. Key speaker will be Mr. Rupert Millington from Curious Industries from UK, who will present ”Tougher Thinking – a practical guide to innovation that

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Are you too busy for your clients?

”I’m busy”…. ”I haven’t got time”…. ”I need to do something else”…. I’m always puzzled when I hear such statements from people working in sales. As a client myself, I insist upon one thing from any supplier; if they promise me something they do it! If they don’t, we don’t do business anymore. It is

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”And the winner is … creativity”

The primary purpose of the CommWorld Creative Challenge (C3) is to present the creative work adjudged the best of the year within our network. Every CommWorld agency can take part. Since 2005, the year of the first competition, the entries have always shown captivating and pulsating creativity. This is not only our opinion but also

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2014 Spring Meeting in Berlin
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End of April CommWorld celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in sunny Berlin at the 2014 Spring Meeting. The meeting’s theme was ”Welcome To Change” and what this means for the whole communication environment. Key speaker Dr. Dirk Kemming, Weber Shandwick spoke about ”everything real-time… marketing on speed” and workshops were held as well as ”C3-Award” winners

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Centralized Marketing Benefits Branding Efforts

Building and maintaining an international brand is vital to cultivating a successful business  in today’s inter-linked global economy. Your brand is what helps you gain ground and enter new markets. A basic requirement for brand building in the business-to-business world is the need to present a united, consistent brand ‘position’ throughout all markets. The best

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Branding is not a “black art”!

There’s so much talk about branding, and so many ‘experts’ trying to turn it into a pseudo-science, that it’s easy to feel confused. So let’s try to demystify the process.   What is branding all about? The mystique about branding arises because self-styled ‘experts’ have managed to turn branding into a black art. It isn’t!

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Has Your Marketing Been Bogged Down?

Many companies – especially on the industrial market – still consider marketing a necessary evil: ”We need to have some brochures and some advertisements”. The effect of this understatement is also reflected in the fact that these companies’ marketing brochures and advertisements often – besides being rather doll – also are created for the left

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CommWorld Meets in Berlin | 23 – 26 April

The next bi-annual meeting takes place in German capital Berlin. The conference will be packed full of fresh creative, strategic and digital ideas to ensure the individual member agencies’ competitive edge: Developing new techniques Optimising agency performance Winning more Building up strength External expert speakers and interesting workshops will guarantee a fruitful congress in a

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How can CommWorld create value for your company? One hint: Knowledge!

Our network offers your company instant access to the necessary resources for successful international market expansion and penetration. The knowledge that is embedded in CommWorld is invaluable for a company seeking to enter, or expand within a foreign market. Moreover, the majority of this knowledge is experience-based and therefore cannot be acquired by simply reading

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25 years of creativety and communication without barriers

CommWorld is an international network of independent marketing communication agencies. The network was created at the beginning of 1989 by a small group of agencies who shared a vision of the potential impact of the Single European Market on their future business. Since then both The European Union and the network has grown and here

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