Brexit Means Busisness As Usual!

On June 23rd the UK voted to leave the EU.

Following such a momentous referendum it’s time to review the facts, to reflect on some of the challenges that lie ahead and assess how, together, the EU and the UK can forge new opportunities for the future.

First, a few facts:UK is, and will always be, a truly global trading country, a country which has constantly looked outward to trade and engage with the entire world.

The result is that more international companies have come to the UK – in particular to London – than to any other country/city and more than half of international investors have cited London as the leading European city for foreign direct investment.

London is home to more than 250 international banks. In fact, there are more American banks based in London than there are in New York and there are more banking head offices in London than anywhere else in the world.

Forty per cent of the world’s top companies are headquartered in London which makes the city Europe’s leading city for patent registrations in healthcare, wireless technology, video games, multimedia and software.

The Commworld Partnership is also registered in England as a limited company and will remain registered there.

All CommWorld member agencies, both those in the E.U. and outside it, feel committed to working ever more closely to build stronger alliances between countries across Europe and companies in the UK.

Therefore, we are looking for a new UK partner agency  who feels committed to future trading relationship with the rest of Europe and thus open for new opportunities.

If you’re a UK-based, future minded communication agency, we strongly recommend you to get in touch.

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