Branding is not a “black art”!

There’s so much talk about branding, and so many ‘experts’ trying to turn it into a pseudo-science, that it’s easy to feel confused.
So let’s try to demystify the process.
What is branding all about?
The mystique about branding arises because self-styled ‘experts’ have managed to turn branding into a black art. It isn’t!
It’s simply a matter of common sense, creativity and craftsmanship.
Branding is about how the consumers perceives your company or your product. The aim is to give the consumers a reason to prefer your product or service to that of your competitors.
An aim shared by every single of your competitors as well…

You are not alone
Every company and every product has competitors, who are all striving for market awareness and approval, just like you.
That’s why branding alone is not enough.
You have to find positive differences between you and your competitors.
A process also known as positioning.

The craftsman’s tools
To earn a strong and positive position in the minds of your customers, your message must be both plain and focused.  It must also take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
Not easy, but if you focus on something special or different about your own company, not as hard as it might seem.

Here are 5 key questions which will help you get to the core of your message:

1.    Who is my target group?
2.    What are the top 3 arguments for using my type of product or service?
3.    What are the top 3 arguments for choosing my specific product or service?
4.    What are the top 3 reasons for dealing with my company?
5.    Who are my 3 most important competitors, and how do I differ from them?

You can, of course, work through this process yourself, but an agency such as the agencies in CommWorld is experienced in finding small but crucial points of difference and, of course, in formulating your message concisely and memorably.

Just contact your CommWorld partner agency in your country.

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