Are you too busy for your clients?

”I’m busy”…. ”I haven’t got time”…. ”I need to do something else”….

I’m always puzzled when I hear such statements from people working in sales.
As a client myself, I insist upon one thing from any supplier; if they promise me something they do it! If they don’t, we don’t do business anymore. It is as simple as that…

It takes a long time to build a reputation. Sometimes even years.
But it only takes a minute to ruin it. If you fail to keep your promises to a client or ”forget” to mail a quote or return a call, you’re in troubled water, saying: ”I’m not trustworthy and your business is not at all important to me”.

It’s all about the client
Bad client service is a cancer that eats away your business, your reputation and your buttom line.
Good client service is something done i favor of your clients, for your clients and with the purpose of maintaining the clients. Everything you do in your business has to be 100 percent client focused.

So what am I saying here?
If you promise to do something – do it!
If you make an appointment to see somebody – then turn up!
If you promise to send an e-mail – then send it!

It is not rocket science…

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