It’s your nature to be ambitious.
It’s your habit to think outside the box.
It’s essential to know that CommWorld is there for you and your business.

Looking at today’s global business environment, it is crucial to maximize your market share and your potential for international growth.

Since 1989, CommWorld has bean offering companies like yours the opportunity to address different markets, but most of all to feel for different cultures so that not only words, but also ideas, can be translated into the language of your target group.

Let this worldwide insight into different cultures that CommWorld can provide you with, make your company stronger.

Discover the CommWorld network and their approach towards.

CommWorld takes your ambitions far across the border, but is deeply rooted in each participating country.

The CommWorld network unites strategic and creative input from all corners of Europe. The network acts as an interactive platform for exchanging ideas, opinions and cultural knowledge. The main goal however is the same for each agency: achieving the best results for you and your business.

You’ll find that the strength of the international CommWorld network lies in its understanding of the local markets and cultures. It offers you the advantage of anticipating regional values and characteristics that matter to your target group.

CommWorld strives to meet all your creative, communicative and marketing needs. Therefore, the network combines talent, experience, flexibility and imagination to create successful international campaigns.

As a reliable and creative network where our agencies’ clients are our highest priority, we are convinced that this forms the basis for literally pushing your boundaries.

Our core business is concentrated mainly in Europe, but as you know, success goes hand in hand with growth.

Through the years, CommWorld has grown into a Marketing Communication Network of more than 19 member agencies. More than 370 motivated professionals are there for you.

As ambitious as you are, so too are the CommWorld agencies capable of thinking and reaching further than your expectations.

For your benefit, there is a cross-border attitude at the heart of CommWorld. Being open to other people’s visions and cultures, produces an inexhaustible source of inspiration, knowledge and experience.

The CommWorld network gives you the opportunity to boost your international marketing through creative campaigns that hit your customers’ mark and make your business shine on an international level.