We are Evista from Hungary, a web design and digital marketing agency focused on helping companies strengthen their brand and connect with their audience in the best possible way. Evista specializes in developing online products to clients from various fields, gathering experience of the whole process of conceptualization to market launch. We were founded in

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With the Combined Powers of CommWorld, You’ll Dominate

Your passion for your company will always encourage us to help you push the boundaries. Therefore you can rest assured that cooperating with your local CommWorld agency means that both the agency in question and it’s 12 fellow agencies abroad will handle your communication challenge on all platforms. CommWorld is an independent, European-based marketing communications

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Creativivity And Communications Without Barriers

That’s what all CommWorld member agencies strive to deliver for our clients. There is no ”secret ingredient” for increasing revenues and growing your company. It’s all about creating the very best strategies combined with outstanding creativity in order to identify your best potential new customers and leveraging your current ones. Why not jump-start your customer

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Welcome to 2025

Looking to the future will be the theme of our bi-annual summit in Frankfurt September 8th – 10th 2016   ”We are excited to be able to hold our next  summit and AGM in Frankfurt, an inspiring and dynamic city for business oriented strategic member agencies”, states CommWorld President, Thomas Hans from German member agency husare. ”At our bi-annual summits we spark

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Brexit Means Busisness As Usual!

On June 23rd the UK voted to leave the EU. Following such a momentous referendum it’s time to review the facts, to reflect on some of the challenges that lie ahead and assess how, together, the EU and the UK can forge new opportunities for the future. First, a few facts:UK is, and will always

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Change direction or disappear! Disruption occurs when new technologies or business models change the market so quickly that existing companies are unable to adapt to the new market realities fast enough. In the most extreme cases they can disappear from the market completely. Whatever became of Kodak, Nokia or Blockbuster? -      Kodak was the world’s

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CommWorld Biannual Summit | VENICE 2016 | 21 – 23 April

The CommWorld biannual summit is a unique event that brings together agency seniors from member communication agencies from around Europe. ”We are excited to bring the summit to Venice, a perfect and inspiring place for creative and strategic minds”, states CommWorld President, Thomas Hans from German member agency husare. ”At our biannual summits we spark

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Where is the vision?

Many companies have a vision written down in an employee’s manual but when asking a number of randomly selected employees in a randomly selected company, it is very likely that they do not know the company’s vision. Does that apply to your company too? Mission and vision – there are two sides to every question

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The last weekend in September was spent by CommWorld members in Dordrecht, Holland where the biannual members meeting took place. Meeting theme was ”PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES” and members were inspired of both external speakers like Rob Adams from Six Fingers and Klaas Toes from ROI Institute Europe as well as a row of examples of

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Where to go

We have not yet come across anyone who has disagreed with this statement.
We have, however, met some companies that didn’t live by this rather logical rule. Instead they decided ”where to go and how to get there the easiest way”.

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Mind your business

Many companies experience that the old saying that no more than a few companies can profit from the same market actually is true.     For many companies this means an unfair battle for more growth and according to the schoolbooks one should strive for the advantages of large-scale operations (economies of scale). However… Several research studies

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Stay focused, think long-term

Even though most companies try to gain increased market share, their marketing efforts are often hard to distinguish from their competitors  – a sure way not to succeed Good, better, best All companies face tougher competition because poor products no longer exist. Of course, some products are still slightly better than others but basically companies

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