2014 C3 Award: And the winner is … creativity

The primary purpose of the CommWorld Creative Challenge (C3) is to present the creative work adjudged the best of the year within our network.

Every CommWorld agency can take part. Since 2005, the year of the first competition, the entries have always shown captivating and pulsating creativity. This is not only our opinion but also our clients’. For they are the ones to judge. The winning agency always has the honour to organize the next year’s event and to present the entries to its clients.


We exist to help our clients build enduring brands and maximise each client’s potential for international growth. True, coherent, international advertising and marketing campaigns have to be translated. Not just words, but ideas. That’s what we do – successfully. And we can do this only because we are culturally attuned to national markets, their tastes and preferences.

As overall winner 2014, Arabesque Communications Group from Moscow will organize and appoint the next 2015 C3 Award winners.

Winners Best Campaign


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Winners Best Rejected